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Hi!  I'm Kelly Clements and in 2004 I stumbled on a "secret" that began to unravel the way I looked at entrepreneurship.  

It seemed obvious to me, a newbie in the coaching industry, but the more I spoke about it, the more I realized I was the only one who was seeing this seemingly obvious truth.  I knew I was on to something so I got to work on understanding this secret.

Fast forward through 14 years, thousands of clients, and my own personal experience and this secret is now available to all.

The secret I discovered is this..

The love relationship is the most powerful factor in maximizing business success. Yet, too often, these two crucial aspects of life are at odds with each other. 

I became OBSESSED with learning what made some entrepreneurial couples thrive, while others barely survived. After years of surrounding myself with power couples who prioritized their relationship, I have identified the three most important strategies of thriving entrepreneurial couples.   And 100% of the time, these three factors will change the game in your marriage and your business.  

They are The Power of Play, Praise, & Purpose. 


Does the spouse make or break a business?  Or does the business make or break the spouse?
The Power of Play, Praise & Purpose: The Book
This is a first step to giving couples neutral territory in understanding what the other is going through.  So often, entrepreneurial couples can live at such different ends of the spectrum, it becomes easy to lose sight of the other person's experience.  This light-hearted approach will help bring both parties back to center to regain respect and appreciation for the crucial role you both play.

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The EntrepRenewer: The Coaching Program
This is an opportunity for women, whether you are the business owner or the spouse, to stop, catch your breath, and reset.  Our greatest strength is always our greatest weakness.  As women, our greatest strength allows us to multi task like a banchee- assuming all kids of roles and responsibilities.  We're running careers, raising children, caring for aging parents, volunteering, in addition to the invisible workload of managing the calendar of, restocking the toilet paper,  creating social opportunities ... 

Our output is so intense, that we're left completely depleted. Self-care has become our strongest lifeline.  And guess what?  Even that becomes part of our "to-do" list.  It leaves us in the wasteful states of either totally fried, or completely numb.

The EntrepRenewer is a carefully designed methodology to stop the freakin' madness. I believe it's this chaos that leads to losing our sense of self, destroying our health, and even leads to infidelity for one or both parties.  

I get it.  That's why we're here; to right the ship and get a clear perspective so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.  Whether you're at a cross-roads in your professional life, in the throes of raising young kids, facing an empty-nest, or recovering from a crisis in marriage or business, they all require one thing: getting clear on who you are and what you need going forward.  You need a pattern-interrupt to get change the game and now is your time.

This six session program starts by identifying the toxic habits that lead to this break-down.  We'll rewire those behaviors then help you identify who you are at your peak.  We purge the old and rebuild the new by focusing on what's true for you.  

This program can be done individually or in one of my monthly group sessions.  You can choose what's right for you.  And if you'd like to learn more about the program or my work, please drop me a "tell me more" email at

Thanks for stop by!  
experience the power of Play, Praise & Purpose
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